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Rugby Players

Team Bonding

The Path to Success

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Mental Skills

A Comprehensive Approach


Peak Performance

Expert Guidance


Provided Services

  • One on One Consulting

  • Mental Training

  • Team Bonding

  • Performance Anxiety 

  • Personalized Goal Setting

  • Plus Many More


Do You Struggle With:

  • Goal Setting

  • Follow Through

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Routine Development

  • Team Cohesion

  • Negative Self Talk 


The Warrior Within You
  1. You reach out to Warrior Mindset Consulting for more information here

  2. You meet with Dr. Church via phone, in-person, or online for a FREE initial consultation

  3. You decide whether you are in need of Warrior Mindset Consulting's services

  4. We discuss a plan, which includes pricing, frequency, and the NEEDS of the client

  5. We work together as individuals, teams, groups, etc. to reach your absolute PEAK performance level in your area of need

The Warrior Within You

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Sport and Performance Psychology?

    • ​Sport and performance psychology focuses on helping athletes, performers, and others reach goals and cope with the anxiety that can impede performance in many venues, from athletics to the boardroom.

  • What is a Sport Psychology Professional (SPP) or Sport Psychology Consultant?

    • ​These terms are often used interchangeably. A sport psychology consultant helps athletes to overcome mental roadblocks and improve their overall performance. There are many different names that one can use for a person with expertise in sport psychology, such as- sports psychologists, performance enhancement consultants, mental coaches, sports consultants, etc.

  • Is an SPP just like a regular therapist?

    • No, Warrior Mindset is a non-clinical based practice therefore the focus is only on those who are having trouble with performance​ in any area of interest.

  • Who is able to benefit from your services?

    • Youth to elite level athletes, teams, coaches, parents, people seeking to lose weight, those with high stress jobs, test takers, board members, entertainers, and YOU!!!!​

  • Is Dr. Church a normal or doctor?

    • No, Dr. Church does not claim anything about him to be normal and his approach, while theoretically based, is geared towards a individual approach to each of his clients. Dr. Church is a real doctor and received his Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD) in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Arizona via their global campus. ​

  • What does "UnF@!k Your Mindset and Win your Battles to Win the Wars" mean?

    • While Dr. Church understands that this might throw some people off or even be offensive to some this is the way that he has approached all of the challenges in his life and he believes that if you are willing to go to war with yourself that anything that challenges the individual will be easy in comparison.​


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