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Who is Dr. Church?

No One Size Fits All Approach

I was born in a small town in Michigan, I was a bit different from everyone else, but eventually, I traveled. I have moved around and have lived in 10 states, finally settling in the Green Bay, WI area with my wife. My interest has always revolved around sports, and in 2021 I graduated with a Doctor of Psychology, or PsyD, in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Arizona, via their Global Campus. My research revolved around developing an athlete profile of a Champ Champ in Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA. You can view the video of my research presentation below if you are interested in learning more. This ADP also earned Dr. Church the ADP of the year award for 2021.


It is my goal to bring Sport and Performance Psychology to the world of MMA and combat sports. It is also my goal to bring these services to the masses whether you are working to lose weight, something I know a lot about, looking to improve your mental game in sports, improving your performance at work, in school, or any other aspect of your life. Many people do not understand that this service is not just for elite athletes but for everyone. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, or concerns, and we can start getting your mindset on the warrior's path. 

Applied Doctoral Project

UAGC Outstanding Applied Doctoral Project 2021: Case Study
Applied Doctoral Project Title: A Motivational Athlete Profile of a Champ Champ in Mixed Martial Arts


10 Minute Poster Presentation

30 Minute Research Symposium Presentation

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